The SPBU Olympiad of Russian as a foreign language in the USA

the Olympiad is held for students of US universities studying Russian as a foreign language

Registration dates from 10/11/2021 to 10/29/2021
1st stage
November 1, 2021 - November 3, 2021
2nd stage
November 6, 2021 - November 7, 2021
Olympiad categories
You can understand and use familiar expressions and basic phrases if the other person talks slowly and is prepared to repeat.
You can communicate in simple Russian on familiar and routine matters.
You can understand Russian speech fairly well. You can describe experiences and events and produce simple connected texts verbally and in writing. However, advanced grammar constructions might be still difficult for you.
You can speak and understand Russian well. You can understand the main ideas of complex unadapted texts on abstract topics. However, you might still make errors when producing your own speech.

Dear friends!

Welcome to the website for the first SPbU Olympiad in Russian as a Foreign Language in the United States of America! This year, students of universities and colleges in the USA studying Russian as a foreign language will take part in the Olympiad.

The Olympiad is held by the St. Petersburg State University with the support of educational institutions in the United States. The St. Petersburg State University is the oldest university in Russia, and is chosen every year by thousands of foreign students to receive a quality education and improve their level of proficiency in Russian. Over the last few years, the university has been implementing various educational projects, including language Olympiads.

The Russian language is unique and multifaceted! We believe that despite the ocean separating our continents, interest in learning Russian in the United States will only grow.  And, to test your strength and increase your motivation to learn Russian, we offer you to take part in the Olympiad by completing a number of tests, as well as take part in a conversation with a native speaker.

We wish you success!

Stages of the Olympiad
1st stage
  • Grammar (15 tasks for each level);
  • Vocabulary (15 tasks for each level);
  • Reading (texts with 10 multiple choice tasks).
Participation in the 2nd stage is possible upon successful completion of the 1st stage.
2nd stage
  • Conversation with a teacher from St. Petersburg State University
Announcement of the results, issuance of diplomas to the participants of the Olympiad, awarding the winners with prizes and vouchers for free examinations of the TORFL
There are more than 13 US universities among our partners!
Bucknell University
Dickinson College
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Northeastern University
Stetson University
Tufts University
The University of Arizona
St Anselm College
St Olaf College
University of Michigan
University of New Hampshire
University of Pittsburgh
Yale University
What is TORFL?

Test of Russian as foreign language (TORFL) is an international exam which gives the most objective picture of proficiency in Russian.

More than 100,000 foreigners have already passed this exam at St. Petersburg State University.

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